Whitney Houston – We Will Always Love You 
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Last updated: Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston was found dead at the age 48 on February 9, 2012. Currently the cause of death is still unknown as the autopsy has been completed but the toxicology report typically takes an additional 4-6 weeks. We will update you as the facts come out. Although the rumours and conspiracy theories are already swirling.

It was well known that Whitney had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. The week before her death was Grammy week in Hollywood, a week where there are numerous daily events that lead up the to music awards show. According to many eyewitness reports, Whitney was seen very drunk at many of the events around town, which immediately led to speculation on the cause of her death as being alcohol and or drug related.

Houston was found in her hotel bathtub underwater. In her room were her two bodyguards, her stylist and hairdresser. Apparently after Houston had been in the bathroom for over an hour, they became worried that she would miss her upcoming appointments. Her female stylist entered the room, screamed for help and one of the bodyguards came in and tried to perform CPR. At this time hotel security was also called. The CPR was not effective.

There were no signs of trauma on her body, which again supports the idea her death was substance abuse related.

The grammys show that followed her death was a moving tribute to Houston as many stars and friends made many tributes throughout the night. Not only was she one of the worlds best selling artist with some of the most memorable classic songs of the later 20th century, she was truly a beloved person with many friends and loved ones singing her praises as being a truly kind and genuine human being.

UPDATE: Well it seems that what we all suspected has been proven true. The autopsy report which was just made available has details of numerous drugs in Whitney’s system at the time of her death. There was traces of cocaine, marijuana, flexeril and xanax in her system. The autopsy report speculated that an overdose of narcotic and prescription drugs were the likely cause of her accidental drowning.

Also found was a hole in her septum, which is indicative of long term cocaine use. It’s pretty clear she was a total mess and abusing alcohol and drugs at the time of her death which ultimately lead to her death.

If you want to read more about her life story Click Here for Wikipedia’s entry on Whitney Houston.


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