Princess Diana Autopsy
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Last updated: Friday, October 23, 2009

Pictures of Princess Diana surfaces soon after accident.

Diana the princess of Wales and wife of Charles met with a very miserable accident when she was traveling in France along with her friend. It was declared by the police that the driver who drove the car was under the influence of mild drugs and he was traveling beyond the speed limit. When the car entered into a tunnel it smashed into a side way. Princess Diana was taken to a hospital for emergency treatment but she didn’t survive the accident. Her death was unexpected news to whole of England and it attracted more media attention then any other news. Her death was witnessed by more then 2 billion people through internet and TV. Nearly 3 million people gathered to moan her death. Even today there are many controversies that her death was not an accident but murder but none were able to prove the fact.

princess-diana crowned Princess Diana Death Pictures

Few photos after her accident

diana car remains

Pictures shows Accident that cause Princess Diana Death

Princess diana autopsy


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