Kurt Cobain Autopsy
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Last updated: Wednesday, October 21, 2009

kurt_cobain_ styleThe lead singer and guitarist who was also the founder of Nirvana Kurt Cobain was found dead by Veca Electric employee Gary Smith who went to his house to install security lighting. A short gun and suicide note was found resting in his chest.

The death of Kurt brought several theories but police concluded it is suicide. Atopsie report says that there was huge amount of heroin in his stomach. He had be complainig of severe stomach pain and used to take heroin to subside the pain. So the investigators belived that due to uncontrollable stomach pain he must have taken the drugs and blew his head since the drugs didnt do any good to him. Numerous theories have been formed by experts wheather it was a sucide or killing but till now none was able to reach a conclusion.

Few photos of dead cobain

Kurt cobain dead

cobain death illustration

cobain dead in room



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