Che Guevara Autopsy
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Last updated: Monday, October 3, 2011

In case you don’t know who Che Guevara is, he is possibly the most famous revolutionary of all time due to a t-shirt of all things. You have certainly seen his image before as its plastered on millions of tshirts of young people around the globe as a symbol of youthful idealism and fight the power symbolism.

More recently a few years ago a movie was made called Che: The Diaries of Ernesto Che Guevara, it was a pretty big hollywood hit and a decent flick, check it out if you get a chance.

Che was born in Argentina to a upper middle class family and as a young man was a medical student. As a young man he went on a motorcycle trip from Argentina all the up to Florida, having many adventures along the way that are typical for a young and outgoing kid. One of his stops was a volunteer opportunity at a leper colony and it was something he later said inspired him and contributed to his political philosophy which later embraced marxism.

He is best known for his role in the Cuban revolution where he played a influential role in the actual overthrow of the government and overseeing aspects of the government. He met Fidel Castro in Mexico and became comrades for life. He later went on to foment revolution in other countries including the Congo and Bolivia where was shot and killed by CIA backed forces.

Time magazine named him top 100 most influential People.


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