Brittany Murphy Death Pics
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Last updated: Monday, May 30, 2011

Brittany Murphy Dead Picture From Deadline

Real: Brittany Murphy was found dead in the shower

Picture: Brittany Murphy dead in the tub. This is a death scene that shows Brittany Murphy in “Deadline.”  These “Deadline” pictures are just that and not autopsy photos of Murphy. You may be wondering who leaked the pictures of her death and if there are and autopsy photos to go with it. These are actually the stills from one of her last movies that was released on DVD in the United States on December 1, 2009 being passed of as her actual death pictures. Although the fact that she was also found dead in the bathroom as the movie Deadline may have some speculating.

The DVD cover below are reportedly being removed after Murphy’s death

In TMZ’s “Emergency Recall on Brittany Murphy Posters,” they report that Redbox is scrambling to remove the image from 19,000 kiosks across the country.  Because of the large number of kiosks, it will take them 7-10 days to complete the process.


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