Brandon Lee – Son of the Man
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Last updated: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If you don’t know Brandon Lee you know know his father who was simply the man who created a genre and was a worldwide sensation, Bruce Lee. In order to understand better who Brandon was, refer to my other post about Bruce first.

The above photo isn’t real, it was taken from one of his movies, it originally went around and fooled a lot of people into thinking it was real.

Brandon was born to the son of a martial arts legend and began practicing martial arts at a young age. After the death of his father, there was a clear dearth in the martial arts moviestar arena and many copycat and inferior wannabes appeared on the scene. Some of them became stars like Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan. Many also had high hopes for his son and Brandon was beginning to attract attention.

Now I don’t mean to belittle Brandon by calling him the son of the man but Brandon had not really begun a career yet and was just starting to make his name for himself, but what will always be remembered is the way he died. To understand his death fully one needs to know that his father died in a very mysteriously manner, taking suddenly ill, lying down at a friends house after taking some medication for a headache and dying quietly in his sleep. It seemed very strange for a man in the prime of his health, an action star no less, to die so suddenly and this easily.

The rumours started, and one was that Bruce had been cursed by enemies back in China. So when his son died in a freak accident as well, it well made for a strange coincidence. Brandon was on the set for his first major role in the movie, The Crow.

In the scene where he dies, he is supposed to be shot. The actor who shoots him fires his gun and Brandon went down, but he went down for real. When he went down, the scene carried on as usual although he did not go down as planned. He is reported to have tried to say cut but no one heard him till the scene was over. Once it was realized that he had been hurt, panic ensued and he was rushed to the hospital where he died after a six hour operation to remove the bullet on March 31. 1993.

What went wrong? It was just a freak accident where there a was a real bullet lodged in the barrel of the gun. When the blanks went off, there was enough force to shoot the real bullet out and into Brandon. There was a real bullet in the gun because in a prior scene they were using real bullets without any gunpowder, which was necessary for one of the scenes. Apparently this gun malfunctioned and a bullet was lodged in the barrel and no one noticed, so when the blanks were fired later disaster ensued.

As of yet there are no pictures of his body available.


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