Biggie Smalls Autopsy
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Last updated: Friday, October 23, 2009


Christopher George Latore Wallace popularly known by the nick name Biggie small was a teen age rapist. He used to rap in the streets and gained huge popularity and was shortly arrested in a crime charge. Shortly after he returned he filmed a video of his rap and made presentations to several pop album companies and he got a change to perform in one of that company. He was very successful and was awarded several other projects shortly. In due course of time he met with an accident and his left leg got crushed, it is beyond the fix declared the doctors. Even then he made several albums and was gaining popularity. On March 9, 1997 By 12:45 a.m he was shot point blank range using 9 mm blue-steel pistol and fired at the GMC Suburban; four bullets hit Wallace in the chest and was declared dead on arrival by the doctors. The murder case remains unsolved till date. There are no photos of Biggie Smalls Autopsy leaked online.

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