Autopsy of Bonnie Parker
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Last updated: Saturday, November 21, 2009

West Dallas looked pretty shaken-up Thursday morning as the death news of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow was announced. Both of them were killed in a fatal car accident. There were pretty famous for killing policemens but sparing people who gave them cars as Boonie Parker was pretty attached to Ford card. What made them kill cops was that Clyde Barrow who was taken to Eastham prison for a crime was raped continuously by cops which made both of them psychopaths killers.

On April 1 two patrol police men were shot dead on duty as they approached a motor vehicle for inquiry. From the evidence gathered the police declared that the cops were killed by Clyde and his cigar smoking girl friend Bonnie Parker. From there they went to a bank and robbed around 1800$ and fled out of bank. To escape from the chasers both of them tried to drive their vehicle in high speed and to their dismay the motor went out of their control and smashed into a tree killing both of them. Their death pulled a great crowd and media attention.

Few Photos of the dead

Bonnie in car

Bonnie & Clyde in death

Bonnie deadBonnie in Casket autopsy-Bonnie Parker

Funeral Bill

Funeral Bill-Clyde Barrow

There goes the end of the fugitive Bonnie Parker.


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  2. anna
    December 13, 2010

    ummm, neither were killed in car crash or high speed chase by hitting a tree-the fact is this, they were ambushed and slaughered by cops with rifles who were laying wait for them after one of their own ratted them out-that is the correct version. Also,. they were NOT cold blooded kilers as this would have you believed-clyde barry killed one cop and it was an accident.

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